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Welcome to Baja Grill

Appetizer :                              

El Paso Shrimp:                                                                                       $ 9.99
Lightly breaded shrimp, tossed ina chipotle BBQ sauce, garnished with
corn salsa.

Salads, Quesadillas & Wrap:                                                                                                     
BBQ Chicken Salad:                                                                       $13.99
Grilled marinated chicken breast, tossed in our BBQ sauce, mixed greens,
roasted red peppers, corn salsa, and pecan halves, served with cilantro lime,ranch dressing.

BBQ Pork Wrap:                                                                                         $ 9.65
Puled pork, Saffron rice, cheese, corn salsa, and BBQ sauce.

Tilapia Wrap:                                                                                               $ 9.99
Tilapia, Saffron rice, black beans, corn salsa, Cajun mayonaise, and lettuce
in a whole wheat tortilla.

BBQ steak quesadilla:                                                                             $ 9.99
Steak, cheese,corn salsa, bbq sauce and nacho jalapenos.

Tampico Bay Chicken:                                                                       $ 13.99
Chicken breast topped with pico de gallo and melted cheese, served with Saffron rice and vegetables.

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